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1956 Fender Twin Amp – 5E8 – Low Powered

To many great guitarists out there this is a true statement. Some prefer the high powered models but “Eric Clapton” and many others disagree. The earlier narrow panels have a much sweeter break up, still offering plenty of head room. Truly a “win win” for all!

This amp has it’s original tweed and is amazingly clean for one of these. The back panels are slightly darker? Have seen this before and that tweed is for sure original too. The tube chart looks replaced? Again, have seen this before because sometimes the originals would fall off. Handle is replaced but I have a real one here that is correct. If I’m in a good mood will through it in so be nice! Chassis is very clean w no corrosion. Trannies are all original, as are the speakers. Some capacitors replaced as usual. Operates very quiet. I had two of these and kept this one as it was better sounding and more original….

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