SOLD – Vintage 1958 Fender “High Powered” Twin Amp with very cool history!

SOLD – Vintage 1958 Fender High-Powered Twin – Rare


SOLD – Best sounding amp I’ve ever owned, but transporting it through Las Vegas kitchens to the stage is getting a bit overwhelming for an old guy…So it must find a new owner.  I purchased this amp from Mason Rufner who owned and used it for most of his exciting career.

All major components, transformers and choke, are original. It has gold Celestions, which are superior to the under powered original Jensens. A master volume and attenuator were properly installed so they may be removed and neatly put back to stock if desired. Excellent and authentic looking older re-tweed. There’s a couple non original screws, pots, caps installed to keep it in top performing condition.

A cool throw in are a set of original back panels, speaker baffle, and grill cloth from Eric Clapton’s personal twin that sold at the 1st Crossroads auction. They will come in handy, as although the cabinet is original, those particular pieces were replaced over the years and it certainly adds to the history.

The tube chart is in great shape and instrument panel still easy to read and pretty clean.

These amps are rarer and better sounding than Dumbles and much easier on the wallet. The amp was just fully serviced and is in excellent operating condition. Will be properly packaged and shipped fully insured.


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