Gibson 2013 Les Paul Historic- Bourbon Burst R8 – Joe Bonamassa upgrade


2013 Gibson Les Paul Historic – Bourbon Burst R8 – Joe Bonamassa upgrade


Clean guitar…I’ve been collecting for 45 years and am advising people to purchase the R8s and R0s, NOT the R9s! Simply because these are all basically the same guitars, however Gibson built close to 10 times more R9s then both other model years combined. After all, this is an investment, so why not buy the one with the better collector value? This particular guitar is such a “player”! It was built during Gibsons modern “Golden Era” so you have one of their best sounding models at a reasonable price. Now ad “Joe’s Secret Sauce pickups” and you can “Forget About It” Jerky! Nice chunky neck, great frets, low action, Sweet as Meat!

The guitar has been upgraded with the rare Joe Bonamassa Skinnerburst pickups wound by MJ. Real paper /oil caps have been installed as well.

The guitar weighs 8 lbs., 15.7 oz.

The neck is a 50’s profile neck .92 to 1.01 .


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