SOLD – Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Guitar Strap

SOLD – Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Guitar Strap


SOLD – is the world’s MOST FAMOUS GUITAR STRAP! This particular strap was the very first “Earth III” manufactured music note strap “Stevie Ray Vaughan” placed on his #1 vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar, selected for him by his manager and close friend “Cutter Brandenburg” in 1978. Stevie used this particular strap exclusively with #1, night after night, show after show, until the early 80s when he gave it to “Ken Vangel” of the “Johnny Copeland Band”.  Please read the very detailed letter of provenance pictured here, which comes with the strap. As far as assessing a fair value, Fenders’ replica SRV custom shop #1 has sold for as high as 50K, and that’s a new Custom Shop “fake” guitar (Crazy!) His “Lenny” guitar sold at auction for 600K! There is only one of these straps in the world that shows this amount of wear and use from the master himself. There have been more recent personal straps of Stevie’s sold over the years for between 5k and 10k but they looked like new and were barely used. This particular one is a genuine extension of SRV and his incredible guitar playing; it never left his side for several years and took a very talented beating with his personal vintage Stratocaster! This is the first, which he used since he was 28 years old. WE had this priced at 100k, and it’s worth every penny of that, but have decided to reduce it to this bargain price until sold. It comes with several great pics of Stevie using it in concert. The provenance is iron clad and guaranteed to be 100% correct and authentic. Please look at my feedback and buy with confidence.
Ask all questions and concerns before buying. Serious inquiries only.
Thank you…
 You are encouraged and welcome to come to Las Vegas for an in hand inspection.

The guitar pictured with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar strap is Albert Lee’s 1961 Fender Telecaster (Not for sale.)


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