Used – Rocktron Midi Mate Midi Control Pedal Board


Used – Rocktron Midi Mate Midi Control Pedal Board

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For sale is a Rocktron Midi Mate. The unit almost looks unused. It fires up and works great. There a few minor marks, nothing serious at all. The unit does not come with (9 VAC 800ma) power supply.

Complete and easy control over MIDI equipment.

The Rocktron MIDI MATE MIDI Control Pedal is an intelligent controller allowing you to send up to six preset changes on six different channels and five control changes while controlling one realtime parameter via a volume pedal ALL AT ONCE. Unlike foot controllers that send one MIDI command on one channel, the MIDI MATE lets you take full advantage of your MIDI gear in programming and most importantly, on stage.

A large, seven-character LED screen displays song titles while preset LEDs show which preset is recalled. This sturdy, compact unit houses EEPROMs for memory storage so presets will never be lost.

The MIDI MATE also features a 7-pin MIDI connector, allowing phantom power to be used with a 7-pin MIDI cable, avoiding extra adaptor cables on stage. MIDI MATE is the choice of countless professionals. After many years on the road, the MIDI MATE has been proven one of the most reliable, problem-free foot controllers on the market.

Rocktron’s MIDI MATE has three modes of operation. Mode One is the BANK Mode and allows the user to step through 128 presets in groups of ten. Mode Two is the INSTANT Mode that allows the user to select preset 01 through 99 with only 2 foot taps. This makes it easy to jump from a lower bank to a high bank with a minimum of scrolling. For example, you can jump from preset 20 to preset 86 instantly without scrolling from bank 2 to 8. – Mode Three is the CONTROLLER Mode which allows the user to program buttons 5 to 9 (top row) to access on/off controller assignments (not presets) while buttons 0 to 4 (bottom row) access presets. This allows presets to be recalled and modified (turn off/on chorus or delay, for example) without the need to switch modes.”

The unit was tested by an independent company and we were told that it works. We can not test it ourselves.


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